Celebrate their graduations with flowers

Celebrate Their Success

High School Graduations and Proms

High school Graduations and Proms are one of the most memorable times in a young adults life.  You can help make their graduation day even more memorable by presenting your grad with a beautiful corsage or a stunning bouquet of flowers.

For Prom night, what says prom dates better than coordinating boutonnières and corsages.  We can offer a wide range of choices for wrist corsages, pin corsages and boutonnières, as well as gorgeous bouquets and floral arrangements.

We will create beautiful corsages and boutonnières to match or complement the grads dresses and suits.

Floral corsages and boutoniers  can be an expression of your grads personalities as well as favourite colour and flower!

College or university Gradutions

For the college or university grad, help celebrate years of hard work with a one-of-a-kind floral arrangement or the traditional bouquet of roses tied up with a ribbon in the school, university or college colours.

Here at Memory Lane Flowers we take pride in our Unique One Of a Kind Designs. The photos shown are samples of some of our personal creations. We can use these as guidelines to help you when making your floral request. Please contact us directly for pricing and availability of floral due to seasons.

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